Friday, June 1, 2012

Reflections from the Garden

Working the bugs out..
Five years ago if I wanted flowers, I'd call a florist.  Never cared where my fruits and vegetables originated.  It didn't enter my mind at all.  If the FDA and the local health department gave their seal of approval, it had to be good.  I've learned alot since then.

The small gardens surrounding this house not only produce, they produce with purpose - flowers to attract the bees, herbs for teas, fruits and vegetables just outside my window, and, someday, chickens to provide necessary protein (but there's a red tailed hawk nesting in the back yard which means waiting for him to move to another neighborhood.)

So, I thought I'd fire up the old Coolpix Nikon to share my serenity spaces.  Those little patches of earth that soothe and heal my soul.  Being with such beauty quiets the mind.  This little universe keeps itself quite busy and worthy of further exploration if one looks hard enough. 

Smiling Pansy
I love pansies because they are easy to grow and come in so many expressions.  This one reminds me of a bandit.  All it needs is a sombrero.

Blurry Blueberries
Pancakes await my little beauties.  Hope it happens as so often the ripe ones are consumed before they hit the batter.  Ooops.
An Ocean of Irises
Bumble bees wind their way from flower to flower collecting pollen.  It's the interconnectiveness of nature.  One small flight for bee, one giant bloom for mankind.

Vitamin K(ale) - sauteed or baked crisp in the over with a roast chicken. 
Jenna Woginrich of Cold Antler Farm wrote about the goodness of the mighty Kale.  I often thought it a bitter lot of leaves, but that all changed when I tried it with roast chicken.  Unbelievably delicious!

I've learned so much from these and other plants.  It's the dawn of my urban farm.  Every year I add a little more and every year the garden responds in kind.

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