Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Universe Responds: It's Batty

After my recent post, I decided that today marked my day of rest.  The house looks a wreck, but in order to take care of all that requires my attention, especially Mom's needs as she transitions to widowhood, I need self-care.

I find myself out of focus, yet living in the moment.  Strange sensations since I've always regarded myself as a person of determination.  Drifting as if in a dream doesn't suit me too well, but lately it happens more than I care to admit.

My aimlessness leads me to one place - my front door.  Don't know why.  Do I feel trapped?  Hm mm.  Am I waiting for something?  Someone? 

This morning's scene outside my front door became very familiar as I realized the car parked in front of my house belonged to another friend.  We spoke for a short while.  He expressed his condolences to Mom and me.  I finally asked why he idled in front of my house.  He said he had been dispatched by a mutual friend to help my next door neighbor who reported bats in her attic (as opposed to those in  my cerebral belfry).  I laughed.  He looked puzzled as I grinned.

It was at that time that "Great Deluge of July 2012" became the topic.  The flooding discussed, my frustration vented.  He knows about chimney caps.  He knows about bats.  The fix?  Easy.

With gratitude to the Universe for listening and showing me again we are all One in good times and in bad, through sanity and battiness.


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