Friday, November 16, 2012

The Daily Dickens: My Little Stoner

Wow, it's Friday and TGIF!  Actually my relief comes next Friday as we come closer to Dickens Restriction-free Recuperation.  All, in all, he's been pretty good, but this no-running, no-jumping, no-chasing, no-walks lifestyle does not suit him at all.  He gets pretty confused when we go out for a potty-break that doesn't result in a walk around the block, but then again he's stoned.

The vet placed him  on an anti-inflammatory, pain medication that he gets every 12 hours.  His mornings are high energy until the pill kicks in, when I hear the "thump," I know he's down for the count.  He hasn't tried to lick or bite the surgical site, yet.  I tell him to leave it alone, or else it's hello cone!

His walks are downright hysterical as he goes for anything that moves moreso than the non-medicated days.  He's wearing a collar, rather than a harness, so steering has been an issue.  Usually he stays pretty much by my side, now he floats from left to right and right to left wherever the wind takes him. 

Compliance is not his strong suit.  He has to work at growing this skillset.  Even in the house, he's jumped on a chair, tried to jump on me, and decided he can climb any old damn set of stairs he pleases despite my protests thank you very much.

Through all of this Dickens and Mom have started to bond.  Before she'd extend her hand for a lick, now he slobbers all over her, which delights her, and she rewards him with a pat on the head.

As for me, well, I'm the just the caregiver, the push-over, and they both know it!

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