Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Daily Dickens: Ruff, Rough, Ruff

OMG!  It's been a little rugged here at Rocksalot Cottage.  This is a new chapter in caregiving of the canine persuasion. 

Dickens came home yesterday afternoon.  He reminded me a noodle, all floppy and whimpering.  His latest accessory:  an Elizabethan cone or e-cone to bring it into the 21st Century modernism.  This poor creature could not sleep.  I tried to build a nest around him to support his coned head.  Every single time he lowered  his head to sleep the crackle of the cone woke him.  At one point he propped his nose on the rail of the crate and tried to sleep that way.  Um, no, he'd fall over.  My heart broke.  Really broke. 

Also, sweet Dickens hadn't been to the bathroom since 6 AM Tuesday morning.  After being pumped full of fluids for the surgery I at least expected him to squirt sometime last night.  Nothing.  Not a drop.  He had to be uncomfortable.  The incision, the dental extraction, and now the bladder caused me to have some genuine second thoughts about subjecting the poor pup-boy to so much.

Dickens being Dickens did not miss a meal last night.  The vet instructed me to give him 25% of what I normally fed him, which when you only get 1/3 cup, twice a day ain't much.  The kibble had to be moistened (let's add more fluid to a fluid filled body, ugh), it turned out to be a mixed blessing because he needs hydration.

I've mentioned these folks before, but my primary resource for all things Cairn is the Cairn Terrier Association of America.  These folks are THE BEST.  I reread the "Neutering" section and picked up some pointers, but none mentioned delayed bathroom stuff.  I knew he'd go if only he could sniff a spot.  The cone did not allow for his nose to reach the ground because of the plastic noise against the ground.

This morning I dashed out to buy (wait for it) a baby onesie.  Seems that has been successful for other owners.  Dickens initially protested the garment, but when the cone came off, he made a dash for the door!  Success!  Yes!  This pup sniffed and did what came naturally.  All of a sudden my lively pup emerged as happy as a young pup can be.

My eyes are peeled for any licking/scratching/itching action.  If I have to, he'll need to wear the cone, especially as I sleep.

Right now he's sleeping like a baby.  I'm going to let him make up for lost time.  He deserves the rest.

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