Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Daily Detective Dickens: Nosing Around

Lately, this little neighborhood has had a spate of minor crime.  Folks, to be determined, under the cloak of darkness who skulk around helping themselves to things that don't belong to them.  Law enforcement is on the case.  Neighbors have been informed and remain on alert.

Enter that sweet little pup, Mr. Dickens.  He's no lightweight.  He studies everyone who walks toward or by him with intense interest.  Nose twitching.  Eyes boring.  Dickens actually puts on the brakes to perform a thorough assessment. 

He's also a sniffer.  Nose to the ground following a trail I don't understand.  He circles an entire block inhaling the pavement, or the field, or the wooded area in our universe that we visited today.  Part of the Cairn magic lies in uncovering those shiny objects, such as coins, potato chip bags, lost earrings, and today's haul revealed one of the things that the creeps of the crime dropped in their hasty escape, a cell phone.  A very expensive cell phone.  A cell phone held in such high regard that no doubt its owner shed real tears after discovering the loss.

The fruits of Dickens's labor has been picked up by authorities.  Hopefully, the item fires up once it gets juice.  Hopefully, it's returned to it's owner.  Hopefully, if it belongs to one of the creeps of crime, the phone might reveal the creep's identify.

Until then, Detective Dickens, nose to the ground, remains on the case.



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