Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Daily Dickens: New Directions

I've been away from this blog due to issues with my mother and Dickens.  Sometimes it's as though I'm swimming upstream.

Mom has gotten over a rough patch and her appetite has kicked into gear.  When she's not up to par life turns into a demanding nightmare.  Our wings are level now after some tense moments.  It's tough to get old and even tougher to watch.  Friends have had my back God love them.  I love them and they know it.  My mother's doctor has a great sense.

The past few weeks saw me wrestling with Dickens's "behavioral" issues.  He'd been put on a drug that created a dependency.  I asked the vet to examine his digestive issues, but all she'd say to me is, "You need to see a nutritionist."  "OK, then.  This is an animal hospital.  Do you have a nutritionist on staff?"  I asked.  "No." from the vet.  Thanks a lot, I thought!  Thanks a lot.

For some time now I had heard good things about another vet in our area.  The practice had its feet firmly planted in holistic medicine.  Why I didn't go there first, I'll never know.  Should have listened to that tiny, quiet voice inside that whispers the good stuff.

Dr. Sharon Dolittle, DVM has got to be one of the most comprehensive doctors I've ever met.  The appointment last two hours.  Two hours.  During that time period she used muscle testing make a diagnosis.  She also uses Autonomic Response Testing and Clinical Nutrition methods among other things. 

Her diagnosis concluded three areas needed help:  digestion, cortex/cerebellum, and adrenal systems.  The digestion resolution comes from a mixture of homecooked and commercial foods along with tummy supplements.  The brain fix comes from detoxing this guy from the current medication and using a holistic substitute.  The adrenal answer comes from exercise.  Lots and lots of exercise.  We clock about three miles per day.  He's also getting thyroid supplements.

His bowels are straightening out, he's responding to commands, and he's pooped (sorry for the pun) from me running his legs off.  He goes back in three weeks for an eval.

It's been good for all of us.  Mom now giggles as Dickens offers kisses.  The tummy distress seems to be fading.  The drug now well on the way to leaving his system. 

This takes work...all of it.  I need to get more done.

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