Monday, January 14, 2013

The Daily Dickens: Good Boy!

As his real personality emerges from the haze of his former medication, we love this dog more and more.  Deep down, he's a cuddler and a kisser.  He delights Mom with his devotion and he cuddles into my neck as fatigue slips over him. 

He did two miles today.  We've been doing three; however, the third mile just didn't happen due to life getting in the way.  He loves his new diet.  Loves it.

We usually enjoy a bedtime ritual that begins with his heavy eyelids, goodnight kisses, fresh water and a little massage action.  Tonight, for the first time, he decided he'd take himself to bed.  My nerves jangled as I realized he wasn't there waiting for me.  I looked into his crate and the sleeping prince slept peacefully.  We abbreviated our ritual, but he offered goodnight smooches.

He's a good boy! 

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