Sunday, June 23, 2013

Modern Technology Hits a Snag

Our nurse offered a brilliant solution so I could work around the house while my mother rested.  Seemed beyond logical and the "fix" readily available.  What did she recommend?  A video baby monitor.  Genius!

So, before Mom came home I trotted off to the local big box store and left with a less expensive, yet functional, baby monitor.  Let me just say that King Arthur himself could have offered me the choice of Excaliber or a baby monitor and I would have chosen the monitor.

Seeing we live in a neighborhood where folks labor over their property by mowing, weeding, whacking and checking their lawns for tiny imperfections, I thought it best to set up the monitor today in order to tackle the jungle tomorrow.  After all the batteries require an eight-hour charge.

I plugged in the camera and moved on to setting up the remote.  Seemed easy enough, just unscrew the back and insert the batteries.  Fini!  Right?

Oh now dear one, the itty-bitty batteries for this evolution in modern technology required an ancient device to open the back panel of the remote.  This device has been specially crafted to repair eyeglasses and other small things held together with teeny-tiny screws.  Yup, this bad boy required a very fine screwdriver.  Not just slim in appearance, but phillips-head.

I traipsed through the tools.  Nothing.  I scoured the junk drawer.  No luck.  I searched every nook and cranny for said required tool to no avail.   Hate to say this, but the technological term for this failure boiled down to "I was screwed".

Determination won the day as I cleaned out my 40 lb purse and discovered the existence of an even older modern implement - the nail file!  If I canted just so it would nick the "phillipsy" part of the screw and with patience the little sucker began to move.  Success!

The unit sits on the desk charging its little heart out.  I can't believe I stood at the jaws of defeat over a screwdriver.

P.S.  On second thought, if anyone sees King Arthur could you please ask him if I could borrow Excaliber for the day?  I need something magical and sharp to cut through this overgrowth.

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