Friday, June 28, 2013

The Late Shift, But Not Short On Gratitude

The Hospice nurse left a couple of hours ago.  Mom had an issue, that while I knew what needed to be done, I didn't feel qualified to actually perform the procedure.   Armed with the appropriate meds and training, I think we're OK, now.  Whether a baby, child or elder parent, nothing can breed such intense fear as not being able to discern what's wrong because the poor patient hasn't the ability to express the problem, so they become agitated and frustrated with themselves, with the body they inhabit and their caregiver.  I'm grateful to this nurse who fit my mental image of Clara Barton.  Her reassurance and support-priceless.

I'll be on the late shift tonight to ensure my mother remains comfortable.  I had a nap this afternoon, so I should be good to go.   (Although, we were up most of last night, but hopefully the nap serves double duty.

Dickens kicked up his paws tonight, so he's resting comfortably.  (See photo above.  Sorry about the lighting, but I didn't want to wake him.   )  I could walk him ten miles.  Just the two of us.  The truly amazing thing about his play dates, for me, rests in the fact that ten minutes running with friends beats a boring old walk with me.  I'm good with that.  I think that learning from him and other dog owners HAS made me a better human being.

Grateful those thunder storms passed us by.  I had enough instability to deal with.  From my mother's discomfort to Dickens's hyperactivity, I do admit enormous gratitude that I'm not bald today.  Today demanded calm from me and I did my best.

So, here's to the night shift.  A time to thank the powers that are for keeping us safe, for reminding me that positive relationships energize each other, for focusing on the good that occurred from waking to sleeping, and for the strength and courage to fight another day.

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