Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall 2012

It's here.  Finally.  At least I think it's here. 

Welcome Autumn 2012.  May you enjoy a long, colorful, warm stay.

Last weekend's storm felt as if it'd never leave.  It had summer written all over it.  Rain.  Wind.  Humidity.  Sopping humidity.  A storm that lasted all weekend.  As those clouds swirled above us, who would think it  packed up summer, lock, stock, and barrel; winging it's way to the Southern Hemisphere.

To wake up to the crisp, cool air that signals Autumn's arrival, my soul looks to nights snuggled under quilts, hot cups of tea, and knitting while Mom watches television and our newest family member snoozes at my feet.  (More on that later.)

Autumn.  My winter preparation time.  My technicolor time.  My healing time. 

O sweet Autumn, you've always been my best friend.  

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