Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Daily Dickens: My Little Man!

Could it be that Dickens and I have formed a truce of the non-chewable kind?  Could it be that more naps, training, and hugs outweighed his Cujo personna?

Yesterday proved to be a first great day with Dickens.  Truly memorable.  He gave his "bathroom" whine at 5:45 AM, did his business promptly, and settled in his crate for breakfast.  In 45 minutes, the bathroom whine sounded, he had his morning constitutional and snoozed for another hour.  When he woke, another bathroom break followed by some play and training.  That cycle continued through dinner.

We expected a storm with strong winds.  The winds picked up around 5 PM just as we enjoyed a post-dinner walk.  I didn't know how this little man would react to such weather.  He amazed me as he sat under a tree trying to catch the wind in his mouth (and, for once, not looking for my hand to chomp).  He'd open his mouth and bite down at the wind gusts.  I swear he smiled into the wind.  Maybe the weather equated to more leaves to chase.

This morning wasn't too bad either.  He got mouthy earlier, but now he sleeps peacefully in his crate.  After that we'll play and train.

Happy human, happy puppy!

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