Friday, September 28, 2012

My Sentiments Exactly!

This just in from a friend of mine:

This photo captures the essence of 1) being a caregiver, and 2) being a dog steward (I hate the word "owner" in this context for some reason.)

"The Little Doggie" as my mother calls him never ceases to show his feelings, good or bad.  Having stewardship over a dog does have its fair share of responsibilites, usually cost-attached, but the spirit of Dickens being here has helped my mother in some small measure and helps me get through each day.  His energy abounds until it runs out and then watching him sleep reminds me that the world can be a beautiful place. 

My dog's mind doesn't fret about elections, connive evil ways to throw out votes, doesn't delve in ways to make the world worse.  Dickens reminds me of the newness of each day.  The awesomeness of chasing a falling leaf, of finding that perfect stick, of meeting people for the first time with joy and exhuberance. 

If only we humans did that imagine the transformation?

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