Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Daily Dickens: Drenched

Last night's weather involved water, lotsa water. 

Dickens stayed true to house training the first two times out the door, but the third time he put his paws down.  "Not goin'.  Not doin' this."  He immediately turned to go back inside.  I placed a "wee wee" pad down in the bathroom and he performed beautifully.  His defiance actually made me feel good for once. He recognized this house as his den. A place that's warm and cozy. 

Mom offered to hold Dickens as I toweled him off.  Bless her heart the last thing she needed was a squirming wet puppy in her lap.  That rain led to his first encounter with a blow dryer.  He barked at it and ran around making shriek sounds that I'd never heard. 

After, I wrapped him a blanket to ensure a warm puppy.  He eventually attempted to shred the blanket, but it was a foiled attempt.

He balked a little at bedtime, but eventually he gave in for the night.

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