Monday, October 8, 2012

The Daily Dickens: Discoveries

It never amazes me what Dickens finds on our fair streets.  As good as the neighborhood looks, deep down there are hazards that a puppy uncovers in a heatbeat causing the neurotic mom to bribe, cajole, scream "DROP IT!" at the top of her lungs on a calm Monday morning.  Here's an short list of Dickens' Discoveries this morning:

a small ball of wire
a coffee-to-go lid and straw
old kleenex (ditto paper towel)
small bits of a blue, plastic don't-know-what
Every morning it's a new list of "junk" that folks have tossed out the window only to be found by a six-month old puppy.  Stuff, that if swallowed, can lead to an emergency vet visit, tears, and expense. 
So, the next time the great outdoors looks like a suitable wastebin, think twice.  You might be creating a hazard for an animal.  I keep small, plastic doggie doo bags in the car for small waste.  They are great!  Once full, I place them in the trash.  No muss, no fuss.
Thank you.
The Neurotic Mom

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