Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Daily Dickens: Super Saturday

Yesterday held something special in the air.  Something wonderful and glorious. 

Dickens had a great day.  No biting.  Just a lovely walk with his friend, a Great Pyrenees, named Sammy in the morning, lots of training during the day, and ended the day with a stroll around the block with his friend, an Elkhound, named Brady.  [Will post video later.]

Fall cleaning continued, Mom got up early to enjoy the air, and we ended the day with an amazing recliner gifted to us by my sweet friend Katie.  [If you've been keeping up you might remember I tossed the living room furniture to accomodate Dad's hospital bed a year ago.]

The recliner sits in the living room as if it's offering a huge hug.  I needed that and will always be grateful to have my "Katie Chair".  The universe can be pretty frickin' wonderful!

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