Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Daily Dickens: Shhhhhhh!!!

Yesterday's weather was wet and dreary - typical October. 

I don't know what my pup got hold of, but let's just say the rear transmission problem returned, then nothing.  I took him out hourly, dried him off hourly, and he did not like it one darn bit.  In fact, he decided he'd take control of the situation, which means grabbing everything he could find, some good, some bad, some not human (aka, stuffed animal), some human (aka, me). 

The rear transmission issue sent me to my favorite Cairn Terrier site.  Folks, if you own a Cairn you need these people more than you know.  They are friendly, supportive, and, most importantly, loaded with knowledge.  Loaded.  Overflowing.  The forum site deals with every issue a human faces with a Cairn.  Best of all, the ultimate saving grace, they do not make you feel like an idiot for asking questions as some other site "experts" do.

A post dealing with the issue recommended a bit of poached chicken with some boiled white rice and some pumpkin.  Giving a dog "human food" always sends mixed signals.  I've always thought dog food good, human food bad.  I continued to read the appropriate posts as I mixed the meal, gave the pup-boy about 1/3 cup of the gruel, and held my breath.  Nothing.  Nada.  No deposit.  Arghhhhhhhhhhh!

By 4 PM, my nerves had fried, so I called the vet and scheduled an appointment for today.  They were very nice, but cautioned me to keep an eye on him overnight.  Something could be stuck.  Great. I can take care of humans, but dogs not-so-much.

At 5 PM, I gave him straight pumpkin with a small amount of kibble mixed in (I'm talking a tablespoon) as I didn't think he'd like it.  Wow, did he gobble that down!  Incredible!  Despite the mouthing, grabbing nonsense, he seemed to settle down a bit.

5:45 PM I decided to try to walk him again as the sun had emerged.  To my great relief (and I bet Dickens's too) he made a poo-bag deposit.  The stress rolled off me.  OK, he's going to be fine.  Whew!

This morning offered the same result!  Yes, I love pumpkin!

Now, he needs to normalize, to regroup.  In the meantime, shhhh!

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