Monday, October 15, 2012

The Daily Dickens: Grooming Virgin

In the event this post's title leaves you scratching your head, I'm not talking about a woman who spends her days in front of the mirror.  No, my friends, my dear boy-pup has been taken for his first foray at the Puppy Parlor, aka Petsmart and I am a wreck.

Dickens and I have spent almost every waking moment together.  To those of you who think how silly the premise of this post might be let me just say I agree with you.  Or, so I thought I agreed with you.

This Cairn Terrier has finally realized that:

      1. I am the Alpha.
      2. My hand holds the treats and he likes the treats..
      3. He likes the affection he receives from me.
When I had my first dog all those years ago, "going to the groomer" meant taking the dog out to the backyard, filling a tub, washing him, and essentially letting him "drip dry."  Today, there's an entire list of tasks that comprise grooming (not including brushing).  Tasks such as, ear cleaning, rear transmission valve (you know what I mean) work, tooth brushing, nail clipping, etc., etc.  I also requested that Dickens get a good conditioning treatment to protect him and his skin.

For some reason which escapes me, I thought the entire session might take a couple of hours.  Imagine my shock when the groomer, aka Elyce, told me three to four hours.  Now that's total care.

They told me they'd call me when he completed pampering.  They slipped a leash on him and whisked him away.  That's when I noticed something deep happening within me.  I didn't want to leave the store without him.  My buddy (and sometimes my challenge) would not be sitting next to me as I drove home.  The sensation felt hollow...empty...sad.  Guess my little "Jaws" has embedded himself into my heart. 

After all this time training him and caring for him, I guess that wall that surrounds my heart got penetrated.  Ha, knowing Dickens he probably tunneled under the wall rather than over it.  Cairns are smart that way.

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