Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Daily Dickens: Just Passin' Through

Dickens had a wee problem lately.  It seems that what he ate made a hasty exit.  Just passin' through his tummy.  He also had a bit of gas.  Everytime I picked him up, I could hear the air moving.  Ugh! 

Since I believe this pup deserves the best, I attempted to switch him to a better food.  Blue Buffalo, no way!  Wellness?  Ah, no.  These foods are just too rich for his blood.  Really rich. 

Thankfully, Dickens had a vet appointment yesterday at which point this frantic woman explained the problem.  The vet replied that I just had to find the right food.  One that did give his system a protein explosion, but actually nourished him without distress.  She also said that once we found the magic morsel his nipping and biting should diminish.  Also, the wrong foods cause itching and, wait for it, biting.  Who wants a human messing with a dog when the dog has gas pains?  It all makes sense.

Now, I find myself surfing (or is that serfing) the web trying to get a handle on a Cairn terrier's nutritional needs.  Cairns do not tolerate grains well.  They need protein, but what's the magic number?  25%?  30%?  Fat content?  What's the source of the fat?  How much?  Now onto the carbs.  Carbs are good.  Too many carbs, not so much.

So, after returning the Blue, after ditching the Wellness earlier, we're trying Natural Balance.  Hopefully, this works.  If not, I'm making the darn stuff myself.  I cook enough, what's one more?
Dickens did not have a rear transmission problem this morning.  Hopefully, we are on the right path.  If you have any insight into this breed's nutritional requirements, or if you are a Cairn owner who has overcome this obstacle, please share your story by leaving a comment.

Dickens thanks you and so do I.

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