Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Daily Dickens: The Tall & The Short

Dickens continues to make new friends during his walks of the human and canine kind.  He sends squirrels scampering. 

In this past week, he rescued two dogs who escaped their owners.  The rescues weren't deliberate, just a matter of good timing.  One dog slipped his lead and came tearing down the street his master giving chase.  Dickens let out a sharp bark beckoning the escapee into the yard.  We began to walk up the street toward their home in order to calm the situation.  Dickens proved his friendship to this little dog by playing him into submission until the leash clicked in place.  We continued our walk until we reached their destination.

The second rescue involved a miniature dachshund who went "under the fence."  He just appeared in front of us and Dickens let out that sound causing the little one to sprint  home.  Later I discovered his human had been searching for him for over two hours.  She expressed how heartbroken she had been.  She told me her husband said he'd check their backyard again.  He came back and asked if she felt well as he found the dog playing safely.  When I told what happened she regained her composure and I think her sanity.

In being Dickens steward, I've learned how important socializing him to various humans and canines.  He loves it.  Truly the tail engages and the fun begins.

This morning he took a walk with one of good friends.  Brady's a ten-year old Norwegian Elk hound and a real sweetie.  When they first got together to play, my heart leaped into my mouth as I saw Dickens head disappear into Brady's mouth, but I discovered Brady has a gentleness that I treasure.  We walked together this morning-his master, Chris, Brady, Dickens and I.  The walk made my heart sing.  Dickens learns from me and his own kind.  Here are some shots of our walk taken courtesy of his Lady, Jodi S-C.  I look at them often and compare Dickens to the wee pup of two months ago.  Time marches on...

The assembly.

 And they're off!

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