Thursday, July 18, 2013


OK, then, the bathing suit plan has kept me reasonably sane.  Bravo, that!

The National Weather Service (not the "henny penny cable guys) report we have (past tense, thank you, God) hit 104 degrees.  That's 104 degrees.  So far we're all still here.

Dickens can't understand why he can't go for longer walks.  I'm holding his dinner an hour later so he can walk without dropping.  He's a considerate dog as he refuses to use the lawn as a "toilette".  He prefers the street next to us.  He's a terrier.  He's stubborn.

One more day of this (well, actually a day and a half, but I'm rounding at this point) and temps should fall back to their seasonal low-80's.

Can't happen soon enough!

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