Sunday, July 21, 2013

Putting It Out There and Bringing it Home

In an effort to escape the heat and humidity, I did some Internet research on saving damaged tomato plants.  Fried green tomatoes aren't supposed to be fried on the vine.  Late this spring I planted San Marzano tomatoes.  These babies are reputed to make THE best tomato sauce.  The heat's done a number on them, but some plants survived.

As I clicked and scrolled I came upon something that spoke to me - fairy gardens or miniature gardens.  Ooooooh, now there's something I can wrap my brain around.  Imagine small cabins surrounded by miniature plants to create a forest, tiny stone garden paths, and other things Lilliputian to bring my dreams to life.  I'm hooked.

I divert my search to learn more about these flights of fancy only to find that mini-gardens are to be sold at Bedlam Farm's Open House today.   What I wouldn't give to be there!  That would be the best!  "Damn it, now I feel like Cinderella.  Everyone's going to the ball."  I promised myself today of all days I would stay up in mood and motion, so that involves planning and imagination

The image forms in my mind.  How can I make that cabin-in-the-forest become a reality?  I check Amazon only to realize that their idea of pricing isn't mine.  Yikes, I want to own, not rent.  So, tomorrow I'm off to the dollar store to see what I can scrounge.  Then a quick trip to the nursery for my fields and forests.

As designs whirled in head the phone rings.  It's my dear friend who tells me she's yard sailing on my street.  She said she stopped at this house with a little dog named Bentley.  She put two and two together when someone let Bentley loose.  On this street, that's a "huge no-no".  I've told her about Dickens's and Bentley's friendship.  She told the owner she knew all about Bentley from what I'd told her.  Bentley's owner then asked if she'd call me so Dickens could apprehend Bentley. After a little game of bob and weave, I handed Dickens's leash over to Bentley's owner.  The shock on that dog's face - hysterical.  He did not like being replaced and neatly trotted over to the fenced in yard.  And I spotted a set of three dishes perfect for miniature gardens and Dickens scored a stuffed toy for a job well done.

For now if I can't have it life sized, trust me miniature's fine by me.  It's a step toward manifesting my future and that little cabin in the woods. I just have to have faith and trust in this wonderful universe!

In the meantime, I wonder if Dickens might want to set up a dog finding service?

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