Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Madsummer or Midsummer?

I have no ambition to continue rambling about this God-forsaken heat wave.  When it ends, I'll merrily change the subject to something else less irritating and more engaging.  Blame my artistic temperament, blame global warming, whatever, as tomorrow's weather forecast has gone from "we're watching some hot weather" to "we're warning you about dangerous hot weather."  Like the Robot from the older than dirt space fantasy, "Lost in Space," weather folks are pointing to maps, waving the arm, and popping their heads up and down in front of the camera issuing dire warnings.  It irritates me.  Really irritates me.

Hmmm, as I look around this week I see a trend has developed.  Midsummer has developed a rash of irritation leading to Madsummer.  Online, in traffic, in the markets, etc., folks have  heard so much oppressive stuff that they've turned oppressive.  While I'm the first to admit I've looked to the sky this week and shaken my fist, I haven't waved it at any human beings.  That's not to say I haven't been sorely tempted.

So I'm changing Madsummer to Midsummer.  New weather report.  Thursday promises showers.  Lots of 'em jumping into the area.   In my bathroom.  I have decided to wear my bathing suit all day in order to facilitate the "jumping" part.  Heat creeps up on, I drown it immediately.  Humidity grabs me by the neck, I break the hold with a hand held shower head.  Hydration hits the skids, douse myself with an ice cold beverage.

You might ask where this epiphany rose?  Good question and I'll tell you.  My attitude shifted based on two events today.  The first, the Hospice Spiritual Chaplain called to ask if we needed a visit.  Second, the Hospice volunteer arrived with flowers on a 94 degree day!  I thanked the first telling her I had been up since 3:30 AM and I needed a nap.  She understood.  I told our volunteer to go home.  Enjoy your family and your air conditioning.  We love you both for coming, but we're good.

One could have stayed in her air conditioned office and the other could have stayed home, but they are dedicated to what they do and who they're doing it for.  It's a hard job offering comfort and support to terminal patients and their families whether one gets a paycheck or not.  Yet they do it and they never grouse about their lot in life, their online woes, or the weather.  They are wired much differently than me and my attitude toward heat waves.

Tomorrow morning, as I don my bathing suit, I'll pray for those who are on the road during 104 degree heat.  I'll add special prayers for those folks who leave their personal preferences behind to be of service and comfort to others.  I won't like enduring the heat, I won't like worrying about my mother and my dog, but with support like I've had today, the day's going to pass
This is for the Lizards.  Enjoy your day!
very quickly.

And, that's the way I like it!

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