Friday, July 5, 2013

Now Folks, This Day Really Hasn't Been Normal.

Perhaps its the heat.  Perhaps its the after effects of a Super Moon.  Perhaps Mercury's retrograde track has been doing its thing.  I don't know.  And, put quite bluntly I think my Dickens might be a tad off his trolley.  Not totally derailed, just listing a bit.  Let's review the evidence shall we:

Exhibit A:

Guarding the Foot-Wide Pumpkin?

Yes, that's Dickens asleep with his giant pumpkin.  Now it's nice that he adores this over-sized, over-stuffed bit of orange madness, but you'd think he'd steer clear of it on a super hot, humid day.
Not my dog, he cuddles up to the orange orb.  I perspire just looking at him and, yes, the room has a/c but not a lot.  This isn't normal.

Exhibit B:
All day long I kept a close eye on the water dish.  I had added ice cubes, checking regularly in case my sweet pup required a refill.  As the day wore on a pattern emerged.  The ice cubes disappeared quickly.  Really quickly.  I jacked up the thermostat on the A/C.  After I refilled the second tray of cubes, I began to panic.  How much did this dog drink?  I read that too much water can be bad thing.  

It wasn't until I rounded the corner after refilling the water dish that I spotted him at the water dish.  Something didn't measure up until he gave it away.  Every time I had added the ice cubes he plucked them out of his water dish, piling them into the entryway as evidenced by the puddle by the door.  Apparently he likea his water cool, straight up, shaken not stirred.

Exhibit C:
No matter what one does, the front of the house sizzles as the sun sets.  The house becomes an Easy Bake Oven.  I have so many fans going I'm afraid the roof will raise at some point, yet the house remains a hot box.  It's cooling off now, but for a couple of hours it's not good.

I didn't like the way Dickens panted, so I did what every responsible pet owner would do, I dunked him in the tub with cool water.  Now most dogs would have shaken their little tails with pleasure, not this dog.  He proceeds to rub his face along the carpet generating more heat on his little body.

Actually, he looked real cute dripping in the tub.  I think it helped.  He has a new nickname now replete with double entendre.  We now call him Damp Dickens.  It fits in so many ways.

"Ready for you freezer treat now, boy?"  (Wonder where he's going to hide that one.)

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