Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Play Dates in the Sun!

We all know by now how this whether messes with my mood no matter how hard I try to resist it.  Really resist it.

This morning, as soon as Mom's aide arrived, Dickens and I set off for a short play date over at my neighbor's.  Thirty minutes of talking about anything else not related to care giving felt like a cool spring washing over me.  Thirty minutes of a slowly sipped cup of coffee.  Divine.  Thirty minutes watching my boy play with my neighbor's dogs.  Happiness.

Dickens presents himself sometimes as a captive who hasn't seen the light of day in years.  He enters hyper.  The nose and ears are on high alert.  My neighbor shows such ease around him.  She reassures me that the dogs are capable of policing each other.  To leave it alone.  To enjoy a cup of coffee, relax, to talk.

Joanne has to be the canine version of the Pied Piper.  She's so natural around dogs, understands them, and has the right voice so they listen.  Dickens slobbers Joanne and her husband with kisses.  He runs back and forth between them.  Then he runs over to their dogs to see what they're up to and how he can join the fun.

All too soon the time has flown, but I'm rejuvenated by caffeine and Dickens actually seems to be tired.  He's asleep now, but I think he's smiling on the inside.

Thanks, Joanne, Ed, Junior and Bruno for everything!

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