Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What Strengthens Me

This morning brought cooler temperatures to these parts.  
The saturated air lingers, but with reduced temperatures.
I am grateful.   I can cope.  

Monday arrived with sad news.  A life ended.  Tears flow.
I am grateful.  I can cope.

Audacity dropped in to stir the pot...to test my resolve...to learn my choice.
I am grateful.  I can cope.

Anger rode in Monday's back.  I made a choice not to let ride on mine.  Anger won't defeat me.
I am grateful.  I can cope.

Mom's still with me.  Some days are tougher than others.  I try.
I am grateful.  I can cope.

Spoke with family regarding the sad news.
We shared our stories...our gratitude.  We strengthened each other to cope.

I shared the sad news with dear friends.
I shared my gratitude.  They helped me to cope.

I turn to the universe asking, always asking.  
The answer's there inside my heart.  Fear tries to block my view, but I see it anyway.  
I am grateful.  
If I can live with Love, I can and do cope.


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