Sunday, July 7, 2013


I've been wondering lately about animal owners.  I like to call them "stewards".  Those folks who don't feel like they own the animal; rather they have chosen to become their caregivers or however they chose to describe their human/animal relationship.

When did you know you and your charge had made a connection?  I don't mean responding to  food rewards and stuff like that.  I'm talking about that seminal moment when the animal spontaneously approached you in the spirit of relationship.

Some days I saw my dog as more connected to complete strangers, rather than give me the time of day.  He'd jump on neighbors, had kind of a weird look as he if he wanted to scream "TAKE. ME. WITH. YOU.  anytime we passed another human.

For me, that moment occurred when Dickens lobbed a big fat orange stuffed pumpkin at me with the "Let's play" expression pasted on his face.  I can't described the emotion deep within me, but I felt accepted by him.  The energy shift from that of caregiver to someone Dickens had chosen to share some joy.  That moment forever remains with me.  I can only equate it to being asked to dance by the most popular boy in school.  Who me?

Those moments are more frequent, more intense.  From hiding in back of me when nervous to lying quietly on his side as I rub his tummy.  Whether it's his maturity or karma I don't know.  What I can tell you is I kinda like it and I'm grateful for sticking out those disconnected, digestion-related, got thrown out of puppy obedience class, first days.

So, what was your moment?

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